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KVAR manufacture over 700 unique KVAR EC combinations, as well as Commercial-Off-The-Shelf KVAR EC. The ability to custimize KVAR EC result in the best possible level of saving for individual motor loads.

KVAR EC Leading The Industry In Power Factor Optimization Since 1992


​Expected savings 6% - 10%

Make your home more efficient by using the original KVAR Energy Controller (KVAR EC).

Our partner company (KVAR) is where it all started. KVAR owns the patent that allows you to determine in just a few minutes the type of energy controller that you need to save every day in and out


Commerial applications for our KVAR Energy Controlles (KVAR EC) range from mails, hotels, resorts, casinos, supermarkets, bowling alleys, schools, universities, warehouses, large buildings, convience stores, cold storages, hardeare stores, department stares, as well as other major commercial properties.


Our corporation offers KVAR Power Factor Optimization Solutions for your industry. Our motor by motor approach or plant-wide deployments start saving energy and demand as siin as they are in service. Our KVAR Energy Controller (KVAR EC) solutions are tailored to the application at hand.

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