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19" Rack Card 1 Channel Active Receiver

19" Rack Card 1 Channel Active Receiver

Built in a highly balanced mode of video transmission for extra interference immunity.
HF,MF,LF compensation for color gain and adjustable brightness & contract for cleaner, sharper looking picture.
Built in Input Impedance, Balance, Liner Gain adjustment.
Built in Surge Protection.
Perfect to maintain good quality picture for long-range transmission with DVR.
  • Details

    Item Number: BD-TPT-111VH-TRN

    Technical Specs:

    Video input: 0.12-2 Vpp

    Input impedance: 45 - 175 Ohms

    Video output: 1 Vpp, 75 Ohms

    Freq. response: 50 Hz - 5 MHz(-3 dB)

    Disturbance reduction: > 70 dB, 50Hz

    Noise: -50 dB at+40 dB gain adj.; -47 dB at+60 dB gain adj.

    Power supply: DC12V, 150mA (max)

    Input protection: surge arrester

    Indicators: LED (Red)-power on

    Dimensions W x H x D: 125x125x27.5