240FPS/24ch LuxRiot Enterprise

240FPS/24ch LuxRiot Enterprise

Server can run as a Windows service.
Fully-featured Client application – all functions, without exceptions may be administered both locally and remotely (only one user interface).
Each camera is individually configurable, including: recording, motion detection, image adjustments (brightness, contrast, sharpness, hue, saturation) and more.
User Management controls access to cameras and program features.
Multiple clients can be connected to a single server.
Client can be connected to multiple servers simultanously.
Full featured local and remote playback with search on motion and areas of motion ( Smart Search).
User-friendly wizards make LuxRiot easy to use and configure.
Screen may be configured for the wide screen monitors (WXGA).
  • Details

    Item Number: BD-LR-ADV-24-240-CA

    Technical Specs:

    Number of channels: 24

    Maximum total frames per second (fps): 240

    Maximum number of remote connections: Unlimited