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Ethernet Over Co-axial Video Cable

Ethernet Over Co-axial Video Cable

Uses legacy analog video cabling
Supports multiple IP cameras
Supports MEGA-PIXEL cameras
Supports any network device - fully transparent 100BaseT Ethernet
Simple to install - no IP address or other setup required
Full-speed over 800ft cable runs
Compact - fits inside camera housings
Low power - uses camera supply
Rack-mount option for control room end
Solves network traffic problem for MEGA-PIXEL cameras
  • Details

    Item Number: BD-VHW-HW2-DLR

    Technical Specs:

    Connector type: BNC 75ohm

    Cable impedance: 75ohm (RG59 or similar)

    Cable length max: Up to 800ft for full data rate (or up to 1100ft at a reduced rate)

    Data throughput max: 200Mbps (total up + down). Auto-adaptation to cable conditions.


    Connector type: RJ45

    Cable type: Straight through or cross-over, auto detected

    Rates supported: 100BaseT / 10BaseT, full/half duplex with auto negotiation


    Green – Constant: Power OK, Full HIGHWIRE data link

    Green – Slow: Power OK, Auto-adapted HIGHWIRE data link

    Green – Blink: Power OK, no HIGHWIRE link

    Green – Off: No power

    Amber – Constant: Ethernet link On

    Amber – Blink: Network traffic


    Connector type: Screw terminals with detachable plug

    Power supply type: IEC Class