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Ideal Coax Stripmaster - RG-6 Quad Stripper

Ideal Coax Stripmaster - RG-6 Quad Stripper


Model#: BD.45-282

Coax Stripmaster wire stripper for RG-6 Quad Shield. From the first task on the job to the last, every IDEAL product provides a proven, predictable quality that meets their needs and standards. Whatever extremes you put the products through, they're up to the challenge.
  • Details

    •Enhance productivity with one-step stripping
    •Making stripping outer jacket and dielectric of coax an ease
    •Knife-type blades feature multiple hole diameters sized for two step removal of outer jacket insulation and center conductor
    •Spring-action operation grips and strips in one motion
    •MFG Brand Name: Ideal
    •MFG Model #:BD.45-282
    •MFG Part #: BD.45-282