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Passive Video Balun, Waterproof

Passive Video Balun, Waterproof

Features: BNC male to terminal Block.
Transmit a full motion color 1200 Ft or monochrome video signal up to 1800Ft.
Passive, no power required.
Built in impedance couple device and noise filter for exceptional interference immunity.
Send Video over twisted pair or Cat5, Cat3 (UTP). Fast installation two screw terminal. Can be used as a Receiver and as Transmitter.
Can be used with DVR's, CCTV, and Multiplexers.
High quality video balun, full motion Color video or black and white.
Fast and easy installation. Videobaluns enable you to reduce material and installation costs.
Eliminates coaxial cable. No RJ45 Crimping Tools required. Neater wiring. CCTV Balun has "two screw terminals" that allow you use Cat 5.